Monday, May 18, 2015


Sometimes, when I'm too wired for sleep and too tired for writing, I'll find myself revisiting this blog. The archive links so helpfully sort every year by productivity; I start strong, burning off existing content like a newborn sparklepire, then drop like a rock, slowly bringing it back to a fairly consistent output in 2012.

And then it kind of stops at the end of last year.

Here's the thing. For a change, I didn't slow down on the blog because I've been too busy, or too depressed, or blocked. On the writing front, I'm more productive this year than I've ever been. A project I started around the time I fell off blogging crossed the 12k-word mark a few days back, I've got some promising pieces in various stages of development, and my work habits are becoming downright predictable. But it's been very slow here, and probably will be so for a little while. Might be an ideal time to fix those niggling typos that have been bothering me since 2012.

If you got here from Twitter, hi. Make yourselves at home; beer's in the fridge.

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