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Playing with Good and Evil: Videogames and Moral Philosophy

Coming of Age at Bullworth Academy: Bully and Narratives of Youth Violence

Masculinities 101

Convergence of Masculinities in "Gamer" Culture

Masculinity Without Men: The Sontarans and Relational Gender in Doctor Who

Not All Men: Activism and Defensiveness in the Wake of Tragedy

#GamerGate and the Politics of Resentment Part 1

#GamerGate and the Politics of Resentment Part 2

Thought Catalog

Far Cry 3 and Me


“Slave Morality and Master Swords: Ludus and Paidia in The Legend of Zelda,” in The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy, Open Court Press, 2008. Co-authored with Kristina Drzaic.

God of War: What Is It Good For?  Nietzsche and the Single-Player Action/Adventure Genre,” in Designing Games for Ethics, IGI Global, 2010.

“Playing with Good and Evil,” in The Videogame Ethics Reader, Cognella, 2012.

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